Evaluation of my practice & experience

This has taken some time because I needed to go through my notes and reflect the feedback I was given. I also had my partner (now a fiancé) visit me in the end of my practice/placement so you could say I have been a little overwhelmed! 🙂 First, my goals and objectives for this exchange … Continue reading Evaluation of my practice & experience

Natural Cosmetic Workshops

Hi everyone, sorry for being silent so long! My practice has ended, and I had a visitor, so blogging was not the first thing in my mind, but I do have to update my blog soon. One of the things I did on my last weeks was natural cosmetics, so I wrote about that. Natural … Continue reading Natural Cosmetic Workshops

Survive the Spanish Pharmacy & Health Center Visit

Okay, so you get the flu and you need to run to the pharmacy because ain't nobody got time to be sick... Twice. If you are anything like a Finnish person, you like to avoid the pharmacist (who is there to help you) and you try to find the things you need yourself lurking between … Continue reading Survive the Spanish Pharmacy & Health Center Visit

There is only two weeks left!

Hello everyone! These last weeks seem to be my favourite weeks, probably because I already know something and feel like I can suggest things and be more productive. Who knows what projects I could do if I only had more time! This week we met Sergio again, who had problems submitting the proposals in the … Continue reading There is only two weeks left!

6th week of work practice in Tomillo

It’s been a week since my last post and I’m back to business. I looked back on the objectives that I made shortly after I arrived, and we booked the dates for evaluation already. Time goes so fast! I have been arranging my to do list for the remaining weeks. The participatory budget for one … Continue reading 6th week of work practice in Tomillo