Take care of your paperwork before you leave

So, life was a bit hectic few weeks before leaving, so I am combining what I promised in the last post and on top of that making my first post from Madrid.

I talked about insurances.

I already had my insurances quite well fixed, so the only thing I ended up buying, was coverage for my luggage. This is NOT insured in your regular travel insurance if you haven’t added it there so be sure before you leave that you have it! It would be awful if your bag was to be lost and you would not get any compensation for it.

Obviously, I have a home insurance in Finland, so that would cover me something, but it is not the same thing so pay for it. Then if your laptop brakes or you are robbed (not likely), you don’t have to cry your eyes out, but you can fix it.

The school gives you travel insurance as well.

Read it carefully. It covers some of your medical expenses, even your teeth and if you would be horribly unlucky and you would die abroad, the insurance covers that your body is sent home. Even though this might sound upsetting, it is a good thing because otherwise your family would have to arrange you home somehow and pay for it. Obviously, anything can happen but as safety goes, I find Madrid to be as safe as Finland. However, accidents can happen anywhere and this is a big city.

I am also insured from my Union up to 45 days (JHL). Most unions have insurance for their workers so go and ask for it. They are required to give you the information in English as well. This was very beneficial when I travelled to New York and didn’t have other insurances except health insurance back home.

You are entitled of the European Health Insurance Card.

It takes few weeks to get home so apply it at least one month prior to your journey. This card is basically the same as your average Kela card, except they accept it in the health centres in Europe. Your treatment cannot cost more than it would for a resident. To know more about this, go to: https://www.kela.fi/web/en/european-health-insurance-card

What is stupid about this card, is that every info in it it’s only in Finnish which is absurd because for a Spanish nurse this doesn’t say shit! So be prepared and print a short description about the card for yourself and give it to the staff as you show the card if you do not have a common language to use. Also take your passport with you.

The European Health insurance card gives me the entitlement for necessary treatment inside European Union. The treatment must be for the same price as it is for the residents of Spain.

In Spanish it’s something like:

“La tarjeta de seguro de salud europea me da el derecho a recibir el tratamiento necesario dentro de la Unión Europea. El tratamiento debe ser por el mismo precio que para los residentes de España.”

I have all my insurances in my bank, so I can download them on my computer if I must check something. It’s also wise to print them and put them somewhere you can still find them.

I also printed the school’s insurance just to be sure, you can find it in Mobility Online. My only advice with that is that don’t open the Mobility Online portal if you are in a hurry because you will find nothing in less than a twenty minutes.

Good luck!

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

ps. Get an international student card from your University (ISIC) so you can enjoy museums, hostels and other things half the price!

pps. Remember your criminal record extract!

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