2019 starts with flu and leftovers

I should probably make a joke here like new year, new something but I’m not in the mood when we have the same problems as last year and I’m still a little sneezy. The good thing is that I have bunch of leftovers and I don’t need to cook!

Nochevieja as in New Year’s Eve was very peaceful and I’m glad for that. We ate well and looked the “Campanadas” from television with my roommate and her friends. We also ate the “12 uvas” with every bell ring which is done for good luck.

I had no plans to go to the city center (and I have already been there in 2008 and 2010 if I remember correctly and it was too crowded). I called at 23 pm to my girlfriend who’s in Finland to wish her a happy new year because there is a 1 hour time difference and when it was time here in Spain, we texted and wished happy new year for the second time. Then the third time it was Canary Islands (2 hour time difference) but at that time I think I was already sleeping… I know, wild right? This year they televisionized for the first time when the year changed in the Canary Islands.

Con buena compania

Today I planned my natural cosmetic workshops and next week I’m going through the materials with Astid who works in Barrios Sostenibles as well. Few days before the workshops we need to boil the jars for hygiene. Next week on Monday is the day of Reyes Magos (Biblical Magi or Three Wise Men). So surprise guess what, it’s another holiday and the office is closed.

I knew I came to do my practice in a difficult time period and for someone who is planning to do their work practice in Spain, try to plan your trip so that you leave in September or February/March. For me this wasn’t possible because I needed to plan my study leave so that my substitute at work can handle things while I’m away and this was the best time for me.

But I think it’s the last holiday, so let’s talk about that. In Spain Santa Claus (Papa Noel) didn’t bring the Christmas presents before, but things have changed and most kids open their presents in the evening of 24th or the morning of 25th of December. This is because Christmas time is longer and it’s a time to be silly and enjoy the gifts longer, so if you open your gifts 6th of January (which they have moved to Monday 7th this year so people don’t miss holidays) and the schools starts the next day, you don’t have enough time to enjoy your gifts. At least this is what I have understood.

The tradition however goes that children left their shoes somewhere (on the 5th of January) where the Reyes Magos could see them and they left sweets for them and food for their camels. The gifts the Wise Men left near the shoes for the children to find. There is also this round bun with fruit (Roscón de Reyes) that is very traditional but I think it’s disgusting…

I believe the fruits symbolize the clothes which the Wise Men were wearing. I don’t know it is very confusing. Just look at it!

Roscón de Reyes, Christmas bun

I think that day I’m going to the gym and this weekend I’m going to enjoy some of the Madrid’s many art exhibitions and rest. Some schoolwork is also waiting for me next week when the classes start again.


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