6th week of work practice in Tomillo

It’s been a week since my last post and I’m back to business. I looked back on the objectives that I made shortly after I arrived, and we booked the dates for evaluation already. Time goes so fast!

I have been arranging my to do list for the remaining weeks. The participatory budget for one because I want to leave behind something useful for the foundation to use. I also hope to meet Sergio again, so we can talk about the participatory budget together and how Tomillo could organize it the next time. This time there was very little time and the vacations at the same time, so I don’t think it’s a big success, but we need to evaluate it because that’s the only way to learn and it’s important for the youth to understand the process as well. We talked about this with Juan today and hopefully we know more after the weekend.

I hope I also have time to see some co-workers with who I can discuss about the theme, since I have the experience of doing this years with youngsters in Finland, but they have the experience of doing it years with the citizens, so it would be very beneficial to compare this two.

I have also been reading about APS Service Learning which I will continue, and I e-mailed one of my professors to ask about this and its use in social work to know more. I am also going to be looking the Barrios Sostenibles webpages to give feedback based on my personal assessment because my supervisor asked me to. I have some presentations that I want to go through with him as well because I’m presenting at least one of them later when we have a reunion with the Park Pradolongo council. Then there are two nature cosmetic workshops I’m organizing, so I should have my hands busy.

About my objectives, I feel that I have a pretty good idea in general what Fundación Tomillo does, even though there is still a lot I haven’t probably even heard of. But by now I could already tell people what their mission is, what kind of services do their offer and how they are funded etc. I have also met a lot people, and very soon I’m meeting more youngsters which is great because then I’m in my element. I think I have also grown my vocabulary and especially the social work and sustainability vocabulary which was one of my aims.

Calle Albuñuelas 11, barrio del Orcasur (Barrios Sostenibles).

On my free-time I have been enjoying long walks, especially in Parque del Retiro since you can’t get to the woods in Madrid (which is something weird for a Finnish person who only needs to walk 10 to 15min to get to a small forest). If you visit Madrid, I recommend visiting this park because it’s beautiful but also because you can rent skates, row a boat (for a price obviously), visit Palacio del Cristal and other exhibitions or just go for a walk or run around the park. They also have a botanic garden, nearest metro stops are Retiro, Ibiza and Atocha Renfe.

I have cooked quite a lot and enjoyed the endless amount of amazing fruits and vegetables that taste 100% richer than back home.  I have also found an abandoned and eaten Jamón serrano leg, yes LEG in the middle of the road one day after work in the Orcasur neighbourhood. No idea why the hoof (pezuña) would be there and not in the garbage. It looked like a dog had stolen it.

Parque del Retiro, one of the biggest green lung in Madrid with its 125 hectares.

I also went to see “Faraón, Rey de Egipto” exhibition in Caixaforum Madrid. Caixa is a bank, but the bank only owns the facility and premises but really, it’s a very interesting museum. I had time to go and see and experience the Democracy 1978-2018 exhibition, which was very interesting. It was based on four pillars: freedom, unity, equality and land. The exhibition was full of video screen in which you could follow people asking questions about these topics from professionals and occasionally, huge screens would show news, photos and events that have happened in Spain. It was very educative for me, I enjoyed it. I even got sentimental when they talk about the environment, politics and LGBT rights.

CaixaForum, Paseo del Prado

Today I was planning on going to see Dalí and surrealism in Thyssen-Bornemisza. I hope to see more than clocks! There is also Couchsurfing meetings during the weekend, let’s see if they interest me or not. I’m also waiting my trip to Ávila and Salamanca which I booked for next weekend!

Salamanca is one of the oldest cities in Spain, situated in northwestern Spain, capital of the Province of Salamanca in the community of Castile and León. The city of Ávila belongs to the same community but it’s the capital of the Province of Ávila. I am waiting to see a lot of gothic churches!

Remember, you can ask me anything about living in Madrid or my practice, I will try to answer it!

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