There is only two weeks left!

Hello everyone!

These last weeks seem to be my favourite weeks, probably because I already know something and feel like I can suggest things and be more productive. Who knows what projects I could do if I only had more time!

Orcasur Cercanías station

This week we met Sergio again, who had problems submitting the proposals in the decidemadrid-webpage, so eventually he ended up not doing them. However, it was very good that he came, and we could discuss about the situation and what could have been done otherwise and how in the future this should be planned, so it would be successful. Of course, all is not lost, he has all his texts saved for future use which he sent to us for safekeeping and there is the possibility to vote for other people’s great ideas, so we are going to concentrate on that.

I suggested to Juan (my supervisor) that I will plan for the next time, of course it must be quite open and not set in stone, but since I have experience in youth participation, this is what I could give, and it seemed like a good idea for him. I have two weeks, so I think I’ll do an infographic.

This week I have a lot of things, just to list a few:

  • I went through the Barrios Sostenibles webpage and wrote my suggestions for improvement like I was asked to do
  • Worked on a few of ppt presentations and schedules
  • I realized we use different terms for service learning (APS) in Finland and these include participatory work, civic activities, community work, volunteering… The terminology is sometimes too much!
  • Visited a school and later went there to meet a social instructor about a workshop
  • Went through natural cosmetics material and took jars home to boil for hygienic reasons and prepared the workshops
  • Made a Kahoot-Quiz that I will use in my workshops
  • Booked another workshop for adults (a group of mothers) and one for instructors, so they learn to guide natural cosmetic workshops
  • I went to a meeting to talk about an intercultural project in Park Pradolongo
Orcasur neighborhood association

The meeting we had produced a lot of ideas but mostly more questions, so today I have been writing them down, so I can have a discussion with my supervisor and see if there is something I can still do because there is very little time left. I suggested using World Café method to organize discussion with partners later.

Avenida de los Poblados, Orcasur

I believe these last two weeks are going to be the most interesting and productive. I think I can be of use and that’s a good feeling. I know I have been writing my blog on Friday’s, but I think I’m going to write to entries each week from now on to keep up with everything.

Have all a very nice weekend! I know I will, reserved myself a seat in a vegan event. 🙂

They collect money for horse sanctuary

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