Natural Cosmetic Workshops

Hi everyone, sorry for being silent so long!

My practice has ended, and I had a visitor, so blogging was not the first thing in my mind, but I do have to update my blog soon. One of the things I did on my last weeks was natural cosmetics, so I wrote about that.


Natural Cosmetic Workshops

During my practice in Barrios Sostenibles (Sustainable neighborhoods), I had the opportunity to plan and execute four natural cosmetics workshops. Two for youth groups, one in Spanish and one in English and a workshop for adults and another for educators.

The objectives were pretty much the same for each group: to gain more knowledge about the topic and learn to do your cosmetics yourself in a sustainable way, as well having fun and doing group activities together. We had good conversations about the topic and the workshops were well received.

I had prepared a short informational presentation in the beginning of each workshop, that we went through and talked about things like what affects our skin and nature and shared experiences. It was amazing to hear all the stories, jokes and be part of the group. I think we all enjoyed it.

Educators of Fundación Tomillo

For the educators I had a different kind of presentation because the objective here was also learning to do these recipes with other groups and prepare workshops. It was important to learn what things need to be taken into consideration and what needs to be done before the workshop and where to buy all the ingredients.

In natural cosmetics, it is important to buy eco- and bio labelled products, not just for the sustainability but also because everything affects in our skin and health and we only want to use the best products to guarantee this. The recipes we made were easy, you might have all the ingredients at home already to prepare some of them. For example, the easiest way to make you’re your own scrub, is to save the coffee grounds after you make coffee and add few spoonsful of olive oil and then mix it. Sometimes it is simple as that and doesn’t even cost that much.


We also talked about prices, animal testing and labels who don’t test with animals, are low on chemicals and might even have a sustainable program. For example, the label Instituto Español is known to all and used by because they are economical and good. But did you know they have a sustainable environment program and they don’t test their products with animals, so all their wonderful products are cruelty free!


The recipes we made in the workshops were Bath Salt that you can use as a natural air freshener, Barbados Body Scrub and French Beauty Cream that you can use for face and/or body. The most popular recipe was clearly the French Beauty Cream, so I decided to share the recipe here for you.

First you need to buy a glass jar of 30 to 40ml with a lid and then boil it so it’s hygiene. This also helps your product to last longer, even though it doesn’t go bad and lasts quite long. You will need coconut oil, almond oil or other vegetable oil but I do recommend almond for its benefits because coconut and almond together are very hydrating. You will also need apple vinaigrette, essential & natural lavender oil and rose water.

The French Beauty Cream

Take 1-2 spoonsful of coconut oil and mix it well in the jar

Add 1 spoonful of almond oil and mix them together

Add 1 tea spoon of rose water, preferably diluted with water and mix

Add 3 to 5 drops of lavender oil and finally add 1 small drop of apple vinaigrette, mix them all together well and you are ready!


The apple vinaigrette works as a natural conservator and you don’t have to use it if you don’t want. You can also use other essential oils depending what is your skin type, is it sensitive or greasy.

If your product is “too liquid”, you can put it in the fridge for few minutes, but you don’t have to keep it there. I use this cream usually before I go to sleep. 🙂

I will write soon more about my experience in Fundación Tomillo but right now I have to get ready because tomorrow I’m off to Barcelona!













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