Evaluation of my practice & experience

This has taken some time because I needed to go through my notes and reflect the feedback I was given. I also had my partner (now a fiancé) visit me in the end of my practice/placement so you could say I have been a little overwhelmed! 🙂 First, my goals and objectives for this exchange … Continue reading Evaluation of my practice & experience

Natural Cosmetic Workshops

Hi everyone, sorry for being silent so long! My practice has ended, and I had a visitor, so blogging was not the first thing in my mind, but I do have to update my blog soon. One of the things I did on my last weeks was natural cosmetics, so I wrote about that. Natural … Continue reading Natural Cosmetic Workshops

There is only two weeks left!

Hello everyone! These last weeks seem to be my favourite weeks, probably because I already know something and feel like I can suggest things and be more productive. Who knows what projects I could do if I only had more time! This week we met Sergio again, who had problems submitting the proposals in the … Continue reading There is only two weeks left!

6th week of work practice in Tomillo

It’s been a week since my last post and I’m back to business. I looked back on the objectives that I made shortly after I arrived, and we booked the dates for evaluation already. Time goes so fast! I have been arranging my to do list for the remaining weeks. The participatory budget for one … Continue reading 6th week of work practice in Tomillo

What are the “participatory budgets”?

This week was quite short because of the holidays so I don´t have much to tell you. However it has been interesting. A couple weeks ago we visited this place called “Tiempo Joven” and we told the youngsters there about participatory budjeting in Madrid and they came up with various ideas and a few of … Continue reading What are the “participatory budgets”?