2019 starts with flu and leftovers

I should probably make a joke here like new year, new something but I'm not in the mood when we have the same problems as last year and I'm still a little sneezy. The good thing is that I have bunch of leftovers and I don't need to cook! Nochevieja as in New Year's Eve … Continue reading 2019 starts with flu and leftovers

What are the “participatory budgets”?

This week was quite short because of the holidays so I don´t have much to tell you. However it has been interesting. A couple weeks ago we visited this place called “Tiempo Joven” and we told the youngsters there about participatory budjeting in Madrid and they came up with various ideas and a few of … Continue reading What are the “participatory budgets”?

Vegetarian in a Carnivore City

It's time to talk about food. Mmmm... food. I have been a vegetarian since I was 13 years old and while the reasons behind it have changed and become more of a lifestyle, which nowadays is growing and trendy, there are still times someone asks me a stupid question (I’m not going into that right … Continue reading Vegetarian in a Carnivore City

My third week before Christmas

Hello you all! A lot has happened in a week. In this post however, I concentrate to reflect and tell about the practice and leave other stories for another post. But first I have to say that as a cat person, I have found my way to contribute and give back. There is a pack … Continue reading My third week before Christmas

Second week of work practice: What is Tomillo?

So, last week was Day of Spanish Constitution Law (Día de la Constitución) which is a national holiday and people go out and celebrate. This is also the reason why my first week was only 3 days long since nobody wanted to work on Friday and they were using their vacation days. This is called … Continue reading Second week of work practice: What is Tomillo?